June 8, 2020

Business Engagement Meetings to Develop Economic Recovery Plan

Business Engagement Meetings to Develop Economic Recovery Plan
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Have your say on Whanganui's economic recovery plan

COVID-19 and the lockdown has adversely affected many of our businesses and upended expectations of our economic future. We believe that Whanganui is positioned to emerge from this downturn more resilient than ever, but to achieve this we need a plan in place that is designed by our businesses to address the needs of our businesses.

Next week, we're hosting three, hour-long online meetings with local business owners to get input and ideas for a business-led recovery in Whanganui. We'd love for you to participate.

All businesses - 10.00am Thu 11 June
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All businesses - 5.30pm Thu 11 June
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Professional Services (Lawyers, Accountants, Banking etc.) – 10.00 Fri 12 June
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The engagement process is your way to have input into Whanganui economic recovery plan. We'll compile your input into an overall recovery plan and give it back to you for feedback. Once a plan is approved by everyone, we'll all do our part to make it happen.

The agenda for these meetings will be as follows:

  1. Introductions and welcome (5 min)
  2. Recap on economic situation (5 min)
  3. Setting up for a business led recovery (5 min)
  4. Business input and discussion (45 min)
  5. Action points and next meeting

While all business owners are welcome to attend, please note that some of our partners and industry groups are holding meetings for their stakeholders and you may be invited to more than one. We're running these in coordination, and inputs from every meeting will be shared.

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