February 5, 2020

Massey EMBA returning to Whanganui

Massey EMBA returning to Whanganui
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The Massey University Executive MBA programme is returning to Whanganui later this month.

From 21-24 February, a cohort of over 50 masters’ students will be in our city to meet local businesses and begin work on their Contemporary Strategy paper, using real Whanganui businesses as case studies.

Whanganui & Partners’ Strategic Lead – Capability & International, Hannah Kelly has been coordinating the programme with Massey.

“Last year, the cohort were given access to a number of our big businesses, and they formed problem statements and solutions around areas of their choice,” Kelly said. “This year we’re narrowing it to a theme: ten Whanganui companies going global by 2030.”

“We define ‘going global’ as joining New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s F700 portfolio,” Kelly said. “These are businesses in New Zealand that NZTE identifies as having the aspirations and ability to compete globally, and we’d love to see more Whanganui businesses performing at this level.”

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise works closely with the approximately 700 companies in the F700 category. These companies are selected for their potential to have a significant contribution towards a national economy that is diversified, sustainable, productive and inclusive.

The F700 portfolio is weighted towards tech, high-value food and beverage, Māori companies and specialised manufacturing companies.

Kelly says this is an ambitious yet achievable goal for many local businesses, and the support of the EMBA programme is a valuable advantage towards reaching this level.

“The programme is an executive level masters, so the students are already experienced and accomplished in business,” Kelly said. “Their projects last year were of a high quality and we expect the same this year.”

“We have some great businesses already participating, but we’d love to have more,” Kelly said. “The more options we can offer for projects, the more likely we are to get great match ups between businesses and the interests and expertise of the students.”

Businesses interested in more information on participating in the programme should contact Hannah Kelly at Hannah.Kelly@whanganuiandpartners.nz or 06 349 3081

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