July 1, 2020

Whanganui & Partners 2020/21 Statement of Intent Adopted

Whanganui & Partners 2020/21 Statement of Intent Adopted
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The Whanganui & Partners 2020/21 Statement of Intent (SOI) has been adopted and went into effect 1 July.

The SOI sets out the strategic direction, activities and performance measures for the organisation, reflecting the expectations of stakeholders. It is updated annually.

“The SOI responds to a Letter of Expectation we receive from the Council every year and incorporates our knowledge of the local economy,” said Gaelle Deighton, Whanganui & Partners’ interim CE. “It will be the guiding document for our organisation for the next 12 months, and a lot of work has gone into ensuring it achieves the right outcomes for Whanganui.”

Deighton says this year’s SOI had to be adapted to address the particular challenges facing the economy due to COVID-19.

“We started the year on a strong growth trajectory, but our economic outlook changed dramatically over just a few months,” Deighton said. “Our vision of Whanganui as vibrant, prosperous and rich with opportunities remains the same, but we worked to ensure the SOI included and prioritised work to support businesses through an economic downturn.”

The SOI identifies four key focus areas, which are supporting a thriving business community, unlocking capability in the workforce, developing an aspirational brand and using a creative identity to drive innovation and employment.

“We have an excellent team in place and we’re looking forward to delivering this SOI for Whanganui,” said Deighton.

The Statement of Intent 2020/21 can be downloaded here.

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