Agribusiness Business Continuity Workshop

Building Your Farm and Family Futures Whanganui 2020

Family Business Central has been working successfully with family businesses in New Zealand and Australia for over 15 years. Phil and Bob have facilitated many workshops; helped families and individual family members meet their challenges; coached many family businesses to develop their own ‘family charter’ of how the family manages both themselves and the business; and been called on by industry associations and government committees to offer advice on the key challenges facing family businesses.

Prepare your farm and family for the future

This series of four four-hour workshops is designed to give farming and business families a chance to work through the issues of managing a farm as well as looking after their family, now and into the future.

These practical and down to earth workshops provide both technical advice and suggestions as well as a chance for farming families to discuss the issues, learn new skills and start coming up with practical solutions to moving forward. This is not just talking about succession; these workshops show how to have the sometimes difficult conversations, how to get creative and how to involve the family so that, regardless of the decisions made, the family is united and together in planning for the future.

The four workshops will each cover one of the topics below:

1.  Family & Business—How to Grow Them Both

This beginning workshop goes through how farming and business families can start to align the family with the farm or business and what they need to start thinking about and discussing with each other. Topics include:

§  Family and business is ‘Love and $’ - how do we make sure that both are taken care of?

§  What are the core issues that the family need to think about and discuss?

§  Setting up clear expectations and family rules so that everyone is on the same page and working cooperatively.

§  Identifying and working on the first five essential steps that farming families need to follow and do, to be successful now and for the long term.


2.  Transitions in The Business and The Family  

This workshop focuses on the range of options available to farming and business families as they go through transition. What are the key issues that families need to think through to make the right decision for the family and the business? Topics include:

§  Do we sell or pass our business/farm on?

§  How do we discuss this with the family and how do we find out what people really want?

§  Howto have the discussions and negotiations to reach agreement.

§  The current generation often wonder, “What do I do now?” What are the options for the current generation after there has been a transition to the next generation? What skills and knowledge do I still have to offer?


3.  Having the Family Conversations regarding the Farm/Business

It is critical that families are able to have useful and constructive conversations about the farm/business and be able to discuss and make decisions together that work for everyone. This workshop covers practical skills on how to do this. Topics include:

§  Howto manage emotions within the family.

§  Howto set up constructive and useful family meetings.

§  Negotiating what is ‘fair’ to all the members of the family.

§  Exploring creative options that meet the needs of the various family members.


4.  Building Our Farm/Business While Growing Our Family

As you build and grow your farm or business, it is critical to bring the family along with you. Family are a huge source of ideas and innovation and for example, often are very emotionally involved with the farm. Topics include:

§  Tapping into the brilliance of the family members.

§  Ownership vs working on the farm/business?

§  Building a sustainable vision for the farm.

§  Setting clear and agreed work expectations in the family.

Your workshop facilitators are Philip Pryor and Bob Selden

Phil Pryor, CEO and Founder of Family Business Central

“I know the governance and strategic issues that family businesses need to address in order to grow, thrive and build a legacy.”

Philip Pryor is no stranger to the wonderful world of family business. During his childhood, Philip’s parents ran a real estate and travel agency in Blenheim, New Zealand.

Following graduation from Otago University with a degree in psychology and then a masters in the US, Philip went on to build a career as a business advisor. He has worked in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, working with Government, the corporate sector and not-for-profits. Philip has focused on working with family businesses for the last 15 years.

Bob Selden

Bob has worked with an enormous range of businesses and organisations over the years and through this he has worked out what really motivates people.  A desire to find out what gets people going (and keeps them going) has become his life’s work. Bob applies this learning about ‘people motivation’ to both work and play, advising family businesses both small and large on ‘howto get the best out of their people’.

My role as a coach, is to help people improve their vision – to see things from a different perspective. In working with family businesses, my aim is to help the family members who work in the business to become better managers (both of themselves and others) by using proven and at all times practical, effective, management techniques.”

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Agribusiness Business Continuity Workshop

May 12, 2020

12 & 26 May, 9 & 16 June




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