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The Regional Business Partner Network provides direct support and advice to local small businesses. This includes funding for businesses to engage with specialist advisors in areas such as HR, health and wellbeing, business continuity, cashflow and finance management, strategy and digital capability.

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Previous Webinars

Business Continuity Planning with Russell Bell from Balance Consulting

Russell Bell from Balance Consulting looks at high-level responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from a business continuity perspective. Russell talks through the current situation, the principles of Business Continuity Planning and how they can be applied to a fast-moving event.

About Russell:

Russell Bell is a business consultant based in Whanganui but serving clients in New Zealand and overseas. Having spent time working with ‘Big 4’ Financial advisory businesses such as Deloitte, he now specialises in risk management, strategic planning and business improvement with Balance Consulting. Russell Chairs and advises several Audit and Risk Committees and holds a number of governance positions.

Watch the Webinar here

Navigating COVID-19 – Financial Management

Rahui Corbett from Morrison Creed provides practical cash flow survival strategies to help you through the COVID-19 crisis. Get actionable suggestions on cash flow solutions including managing customer and suppliers, Government assistance, guidance on debt structure, and creating an action plan.

About Rahui:

Rahui Corbett is a Chartered Accountant and Partner of Morrison Creed Advisory Ltd, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors based in Palmerston North. Rahui is involved in business planning and coaching for her clients in and around the Horizons region. She sits on a number of governing boards in business, not for profit, and school roles.

Watch the webinar here

Navigating COVID-19 – Communicating in a Crisis

Lizi Guest from Little Kōwhai covers practical marketing and communications strategies to support you through the crisis and hit the ground running for what comes next. The webinar will cover; communicating in a crisis and where to start; how we can go back to basics, and why knowing your audience is more important than ever; five questions to ask yourself before you talk to staff, customers and stakeholders; what to do when you can’t do anything; and how to start an action plan for an uncertain future

About Lizi:

Lizi Guest is the owner of Little Kōwhai, a marketing and communications agency with clients across New Zealand. With communication more important than ever, Lizi works with her varied client base to manage how they communicate with their audiences now, and build their capability to plan for the “new normal”.

Watch the webinar here

Navigating COVID-19 – Resilient Leadership in Uncertain Times

Lauren Parsons from Lauren Parsons Wellbeing covers how to how to be a resilient leader in these uncertain times. The webinar covers:

  • Why your personal resilience as a leader matters more now than ever
  • Keys to building a resilient mindset and traps to avoid
  • How to increase your Emotional Intelligence to respond, not react, and perform at your best even during a crisis
  • The biggest challenge your team faces and how to overcome it

About Lauren:

Lauren is an award-winning Wellbeing Specialist, passionate about equipping and inspiring people to truly boost their health and happiness. With 20 years’ experience in the health and wellbeing profession she is a sought after speaker, coach and consultant. Based in the rural Manawatu, she specialises in helping organisations create a high-energy, peak-performance team culture, which enables people to thrive.

Watch the webinar here

Navigating COVID-19 – What Comes Next? Business Planning during and after the Lockdown

Ron Schalkwijk covers business planning for during and after the lockdown. The next 100 days are a test for every business and its leadership. A decision to dig-in or drift-on will define the way we lead our businesses in times of uncertainty. As we look to emerge from one of the biggest business disruptions we can remember we need to broaden our planning horizon.

About Ron:

Ron is a business advisor and coach with a background in Banking, Personal Financial Planning and Business Growth. In the past Ron has owned and operated his own Financial Planning Business, Mortgage Brokerage, and HR & OSH consultancy. His most senior corporate role was Head of Personal Financial Planning for Westpac where he was part of the Governance team for approx. $10B of client’s investment funds under management. Ron was also the recipient of the Westpac Group CEO award for innovation in 2011. Ron became a member of the Trusted Advisor Network in 2018 and is the Licensee and Director of the Local Business Network.

Watch the webinar here

Navigating COVID-19 – Supply Chain Risk and Management

Trev Hall of The Lean Hub takes us through a look at Supply Chain Risk Management; from the current situation in New Zealand through to how you can minimise further disruption to your business and to your customers. With Supply Chain Management being a core component in any business it is often overlooked as an area where value can be created or lost, The Lean Hub specialises in mentoring businesses to maximise all areas of their Supply Chain to better themselves and their customers.

About Trev:

Originally from a Military and Operational Management background, Trev has spent 20+ years improving business operations around the globe using Lean Manufacturing and other Continuous Improvement Principles. Trev works with businesses of all industries and of all sizes ranging from 2-3 FTE’s to 14,500 FTE’s, in New Zealand and abroad. Trev’s out of work passions include endurance events (Ironman) and Baking – Recent winner of the Great Kiwi Bake Off and founder of Kiwi Bake Box.

Watch the webinar here

Navigating COVID-19 – Keeping your Team Unified and Forward Focused

Mike Clarke from Think Right discusses how in the sea of uncertainty it is the role of team leader to unite their team. We will look at the 5 essential elements required to bring a team together with united common purpose, fired up and ready to win. We are living through one of the most turbulent times in history. Change is inevitable. Leadership is essential. Teamwork is critical for companies wanting to survive the turbulence and thrive in the new landscape that will emerge.

About Mike:

Mike Clark is an engaging and passionate Strategic Facilitator, International Trainer and Motivational Speaker with a focus on sharing relevant content that people can relate to and apply as action points in their business. Having worked in, and with, a huge range of business roles and focuses, Mike has travelled internationally training businesses for over a decade with a focus on mindset as the key element in changing behaviours. Think Right was formed on the knowledge that when we think right, we act right and get the right results.

Watch the webinar here

Post Lockdown – Dawn of a New Normal

With lockdown over what does this mean for your business from a legal perspective? Paul Schmidt-Uili from CR Law explores issues around debt hibernation, reckless trading, safe harbour for directors and other issues that may be keeping you and other business owners awake at night.

About Paul:

Paul’s experience spans across corporate and commercial work, buy/sell transactions, capital raisings, joint-ventures and corporate governance. He brings a cross-jurisdictional perspective having practised overseas for close to 20 years working closely with boards and legal in-house teams of European and US headquartered multi-nationals. Paul’s insights include ‘best-practices’ of a number of well-known global brands across a variety of sector.

Watch the webinar here

Embracing Change: Rising from the Ashes with Linda Jenkinson

Global entrepreneur and Te Aho Tāmaka Leader Linda Jenkinson shares her journey including the challenges of losing 50% of her revenue in the aftermath of 9/11, surviving the dotcom bubble and the GFC – learn how her businesses survived and thrived and gain some creative ideas to support you through the COVID-19 crisis.

About Linda:

Born, bred and educated in Manawatū Linda took her talents to the world and is one of New Zealand’s most successful businesswomen. Linda was the first New Zealand woman to list a company on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and has built more than $700 million of value and created 8,000 jobs in global, technology enabled startups.

Watch the webinar here

Navigating Employment Law

Steph Dyhrberg, Kāpiti resident and Wellington employment lawyer. Steph will explain the processes employers need to go through to deal with the COVID-19 fallout. This will include making changes to hours of work and pay, redundancies, recruitment and using trial periods correctly.

About Steph:

Steph is a Partner at boutique employment law firm Dyhrberg Drayton, a judge of the Electra Kāpiti-Horowhenua Business Awards and a trustee of Mary Potter Hospice. In 2018 Steph was awarded Wellingtonian of the Year for her work addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Watch the webinar here

Understanding the Government Package

The Government’s support package for the COVID-19 crisis includes wage subsidies, tax relief and lending rules. What do these mean for businesses and their recovery? Kirk Hope of BusinessNZ shares his thoughts on current business needs and the COVID-19 support package.

About Kirk:

Kirk Hope is Chief Executive of BusinessNZ, New Zealand’s largest business advocacy body. Heading a team of economists and policy specialists, Kirk’s comprehensive experience in government-facing roles ensures business interests are represented throughout the policy making process. A barrister and solicitor with a master’s degree in law, Kirk also has a post graduate honours degree in political science.

Webinar Ten

Achieving Resilience and Wellbeing in a Critical Time of Change

Hear from Julie Rowlands, Julia Stockman and Mel Whiting from Baker Tilly Staples Rodway. Succeeding in turbulent times requires a critical focus on resilience and change leadership. Visible leadership and strong emotional intelligence will enable leaders to focus on their people like they have never before. This means understanding the challenges that others are facing, recognising the impact change has on us all and most importantly seeing people as people beyond the isolation. This is a time for both brave leadership, courageous conversations and whole hearts.

About Baker Tilly Staples Rodway:

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway is a New Zealand-wide network of accountancy and business advisory firms providing practical, responsive, and business-focused services to a broad range of clients from startups to significant businesses across all industry types. Their in-depth knowledge and connections across local, national and international markets help you get the most out of your business.

Webinar 11 Thumbnail

Engaging Marketing for Re-Positioning in a New Environment

A client is the lifeline of our business. Lisa Matena of Screen Vistas and SeeMe Media as she will help you identify marketing opportunities and engagement strategies that help you reach and stay connected with customers to ensure growth during this time.

About Lisa:

Lisa Matena is the Managing Director of Screen Vistas and Founder of SeeMe Media – a creative, digital and media agency that designs and places advertising for businesses that want to reach and engage with their customers.

Lisa’s sound knowledge of the Advertising industry, strategic alliances and partnerships across multiple businesses and sectors is critical to the success and performance of her companies and the overarching industry. Lisa currently sits as Chair of CSNS, is a Member of the Institute of Directors and an active member of both Women and Business and the Māori Women’s Development Institute. Her core competencies, tenacity and commitment to the industry continues to enable and guide her business and others to their success.

Webinar 12 Thumbnail

Master Your Cash Flow

Master Your Cash Flow is a philosophy born out of years of business operations.

After an intro from CEDA Business Development Manager, John Morris, join Hector Bassett of Davidson Fraser as he teaches you how to structure your cash flow to strategically maximise profit and forecast your cash flow for the next few months.

Free Resource – a customised cash flow spreadsheet will be explained as part of the webinar, designed for non-accountants who want to learn a little more about how their cash flow works.

Webinar 13 Thumbnail

Financing Business Cashflow and Accessing Recent Tax Changes

In light of the recent announcements of support for businesses affected by the COVID-19 responses, it is a good time to familiarise ourselves with the support available and the mechanisms through which it can be accessed. In this informative webinar, Russell Bell CA and Craig McKinnon CA of Balance Chartered Accountants walk you through the support packages announced pre and post Budget 2020.

About Russell:

Russell Bell is a Chartered Accountant who specialises in consulting with clients around strategic planning, risk management and business continuity initiatives. He has more than 25 years working with businesses to improve their systems, processes and ultimately return to owners. He is passionate about contributing to regional businesses, successfully negotiating the impacts brought by COVID-19 in the immediate term and future.

About Craig:

Craig McKinnon is a Chartered Accountant and director of Balance Chartered Accountants who advises a broad range of small to medium enterprises (SME’s) in all matters taxation and business structures. Craig’s passion is working alongside his clients, supporting them to achieve success and build value.

Webinar 14 Thumbnail Template - Whanganui Partners

Watch the video here

Practical Implementation of Lean Practices to Improve SMEs’ Productivity

Lean has become somewhat of a buzzword over recent years and is often wrongly used as a term for simply cutting costs. Nick Brownsword of Productivity People explains the real meaning of Lean, and provides clear practical examples of Lean best practices and the tangible benefits they can deliver to your teams and your business.

About Nick:

Nick Brownsword is a Mechanical Engineer who started his career in the UK with Unilever in their food manufacturing businesses, and where Nick was introduced to Lean/Continuous Improvement, visiting Japan to see best practice in action. Nick and his wife emigrated to NZ in 1997, joining Unilever at their Petone site. Nick joined INTENT Group in 2011 providing lean consulting support to businesses across NZ, and in 2019 Nick became a founding member of Productivity People.

Webinar 15 Thumbnail

Watch the video here

Focus or Pivot? Strategies to Navigate Through COVID-19 and Beyond

This webinar coversdifferent strategies that local manufacturers have developed to survive and thrive after the challenges of COVID-19.

After an intro from CEDA Business Growth Advisor, Peter Ellingham, join Simon Barnett from OBO and Campbell Easton from Metalform and hear about the tactics they have developed to deal with the crisis.

About Simon:

25 years ago Simon had a vision to dominate the global field hockey goalie protective equipment market. It is testament to his skills and passion that OBO now have a 70% share of the international market.

OBO manufacturers world leading hockey goalie protective equipment used by international goalies worldwide. OBO is also leading the way on sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

About Campbell:

Sitting in the hot seat, Campbell has a degree in Mechanical Engineering majoring in Product Development, which means he understands the business to its core. Outside of the business, his passion is hard-enduro racing on motorcross bikes.

For 60 years Metalform has been bringing sophisticated products to market. More recently they have integrated their design, planning, production and accounting software to provide a true manufacturing service capability.

Video Coming Soon

Blasting a Recession with Tech!

Joe Harper of Tailored Forms offers a broad overview of how to use tech to streamline what you do, and improve marketing and communication with your customers. Times ahead are looking tough, so changing how we operate is going to be necessary, streamlining and automating where we can is crucial. So an important understanding of what tech can provide is vital to stay ahead of your competition.

About Joe:

Joe Harper is a computer science graduate from Massey University, and has been working building computer systems for most of his working life. He got his big break when he combined his tech knowledge with a good understanding of psychology and human behaviour, and started making iPhone apps. Having his biggest success building apps to help with social media promotion. He has recently started a new company, Tailored Forms, to build highly social digital forms that help to improve completion rates.

Video Coming Soon

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