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The Regional Business Partner Network provides direct support and advice to local small businesses. This includes funding for businesses to engage with specialist advisors in areas such as HR, health and wellbeing, business continuity, cashflow and finance management, strategy and digital capability.

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Are you an artist or maker? Want help taking the next step?

Making It offers free one-to-one consultation between creatives and specialists, to build financial literacy and grow professional and commercial knowledge. Making It helps artists know where they want to go and how to get there.

You could receive up to three sessions with our specialists (one session per specialist).

Participants in Making It will be funded to access one-hour one-off consultation between makers and specialists, to build financial literacy and grow professional and commercial knowledge.  

Interested? To apply or ask questions, please email Emma Bugden, Strategic Lead: Creative Industries and Arts, Whanganui & Partners on

Want to apply? Send us an email:

·        Tell us about your creative background and career

·        Where you’d like to be in five years’ time

·        The session or sessions you’d like to attend, and why

·        Your GST status (registered / not registered)

(Note: you don’t need to be GST registered to take part)

Send your information to Emma will be in touch within two business days.


Applicant will have a track record in either exhibiting or artwork sales, as well as ambition to take your career further. Inclusion in Making It is at the sole discretion of Whanganui & Partners.

Our Specialists Offer the Following Services:

1. Getting Famous / Delivered by Greg Donson, Curator, Sarjeant Gallery; and Emma Bugden Strategic Lead Creative Industries and Arts, Whanganui & Partners

Applying for public funding and developing relationships with public galleries.

2. Do Good While Making A Living / Delivered by Nicola Patrick, Thrive Whanganui

A WOF for your enterprise—how do you stay focused on your art and story-telling while succeeding as a business.

3. Be A Hashtag Hero / Delivered by Nicola Devine Tanker Creative

A one-hour session to check out your digital opportunities in eCommerce and social media platforms.

4. Te Ao Māori / Delivered by business director Pahia Turia (Ngā Wairiki, Ngāti Apa, Whanganui, Ngā Rauru and Ngāti Tuwharetoa)

Creative business with te ao Māori at the heart of what you do.

5. Dealing with the Dealers / Delivered by Lauren Lysaght

A session by a nationally acclaimed senior artist, on developing and maintaining relationships with commercial galleries.

6. Money Matters / Delivered by Niki Vernon, Money Poppins

An introduction to accounting for sole traders, whether to register for GST and how to incorporate business planning into your strategic and creative planning.

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